This project aims to value the affections of students of Social Communication on the radio, a mean of communication considered by many as the listener’s companion in their daily life. In addition to discovering topics that affect Fafich’s (Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science) daily life, students discover their own talents that can be enhanced through radio, such as writing poetry, using the voice as a connection with the listener, showing ways of perceiving and being at Fafich. The project’s first season worked in the disciplines of “Digital Medias’ Radio-journalism” and “Studies of Radiojornalismo” under the coordination of the teacher Sônia Caldas Pessoa. Starting at the second half of 2017, several teachers, both from the Afetos group and from others, have already confirmed their collaboration with the project.

Coordination: Sônia Caldas Pessoa

Members: Karla Eloara Scarmigliat (Siape Scholarship), students of the discipline Radio and Digital Media, taught by professor Sônia Pessoa, and professors of the Department of Social Communication of UFMG, who are project’s collaborators.

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