Afetos was created from the desire of three professors and researchers of the Department of Social Communication at UFMG who share not only research interests, but who believe that science can positively affect society once it awakens the attention of ordinary people and institutions for themes involving vulnerable social groups, organizations and technology.

Our interest is the sharing of theories, methodologies, and experiences of communication and accessibility lived in situations of vulnerability. As researchers, we are socially affected and affect others by the complexity of processes, corpora and communicational phenomena related to vulnerable individuals and groups.

On this regard, the double movement of affecting and being affected by the multiple realities in an affective way leads us to the theoretical interlacing that cross the studies on vulnerabilities from the critical theory of the communicational studies to the discourse analysis and the studies on usability, technologies and universal design.

We are interested in the development of a theoretical-conceptual reflection capable of embracing the multiple communicational aspects that challenge subjects in the constitution of their subjectivities, as autonomous political subjects, and in their relations with technologies as socially constructed ways of providing conditions of equity in the world. At the same time, our desire also comes from an ethical conviction about research and projects that can impress affectively, touch and sensitize society to the importance of a science that believes in more hospitable and less unequal worlds.

Therefore, beyond the theoretical discussions, we also turn to aspects that can involve students in teaching activities with a view to promoting citizen education and aware that people with disabilities and in other situations of vulnerability should be part of the publics and the professional field for which they are being trained.

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